Strategic Enterprise Consulting & Architecture

Enterprise IT Services

Since our founding in 2002, DOOR3 has been providing Enterprise Solutions in strategy, user experience, application development and complex data architecture and integration. Solutions range from complex, internal business applications that move traditional paper processes online to reorganization of multiple systems and web services architecture which streamline user experience for employees, customers and partners alike.

Unravel your most challenging knots

Desktop and Mobile

Gain control and increase user engagement across diverse organizational actions. Drive efficiency and user experience through innovation. DOOR3 plans, designs, and builds business applications, portals, intranets, extranets, and cross-platform mobile solutions, specializing in dynamic, complex, global data-driven applications. With a technology agnostic approach and skills across languages and libraries, we help take technology roadmaps in the right direction, bridging legacy systems to provide tools users want to use in order to deliver results in the most streamlined, affordable way. 

Enterprise Architecture

We often evaluate systems, architectures and integration points as part of the troubleshooting process, acting as strategic advisors to help plan technology that enables the future vision rather than getting stuck in past decisions and the limitation of now. This often means the introduction of service layers to surface critical data without needing to replace costly legacy systems. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architecture for use in a wide range of industries. Improved solutions pave the way for access to new technology and innovation. 

Collaboration and Social

Today’s businesses rely on advanced online collaboration to improve transparency, productivity, communications and even culture through out a global environment. Whether Java, Open Source, or a powerful combination of .NET and K2, DOOR3 has expertise in designing, developing and integrating  collaboration platforms with a complex array of internal systems to match and optimize business processes and workflows throughout your organization. We also assess, optimize, implement and integrate platforms and frameworks for client-facing social sharing. 

Business Intelligence

It is important to allow those who have appropriate permissions access the business information and data needed to expedite work and make informed decisions. The most common request we hear prior to client engagement, other than “we need a better user experience” is “we don’t have quick, efficient access to the data from all our disparate systems.” DOOR3 can work to surface needed data and information into on-the-fly reports and dashboards to ensure information is timely and accurate.

Roadmap Recommendations

For many clients, DOOR3 offers strategic input on long-term technology roadmapping including business process improvements, innovation incorporation and systems and applications integration over time. We are happy to lend our cross-platform user experience design, creative design and interactive business analysis expertise to guide you in achieving your short and longer-term technology goals on the road to success.