DOOR3 Stays On Top of Content Marketing

Posted By Gerrit Veeder In In The News 06/20/2014

DOOR3 recognizes the increasing  importance of content marketing and how it drives competitive advantage.  We know audiences want to actively partake in expanding their knowledge by finding relevant material pertaining to their  industry. Content creates brand authority.

Yesterday two of our top notch marketers, Alix Cochran and Nilesh Rohra, spent the day learning about new content marketing trends and strategies at content. NYC. Here are a few words from Alix and Nilesh about the event:

"The conference was fantastic! Lots of great speakers and a well rounded coverage of topics. I am big on metrics, and loved Jesse Noyes’ insight on analyzing relevant metrics that reflect a buyers journey and true conversions.” -Alix

“The sessions were packed with great speakers who shared their insights and strategies on creating and marketing content.  Two really hit home for me, one was  Ann Handley's on how great content must focus on relevance, empathy, and  inspiration to ultimately be useful.  The other was Pierre-Loic Assaya’s on how Influencer marketing and thought leadership are becoming the new way businesses market their products/services.” -Nilesh

We want to hear your thoughts on content marketing and how you integrate content strategy  in your marketing initiatives. Let us know below.

*Gerrit Veeder is Head of the Marketing Department at DOOR3.

Image Courtesy: content. NYC


Sounds like you guys (and girl) are on the write track! See what I did there?

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