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Jargon sucks.Too often, terms like “disruption,” “paradigm shift,” “pivot,” and “synergy” are used to dazzle and obscure, dressing up simple concepts in fancy verbiage to make a sales pitch sound more impressive.
There’s a popular illustration by Henrik Kniberg about the process of delivering usable products that goes like this:
Contractor vs. consultant business needs
Clients often hire contractors and pay them consulting rates, or, more often, they hire consultants and wonder why they cost more than a contractor they could hire from CraigsList or HotJobs.We hope this article will draw a helpful distinction between these two very different types of services.What's the Difference?
"Our clients are confused and complain to us.” “Website is frustratingly slow.” "It seems dated.” “The competitors look modern and rank higher.” “We are losing business!"
Just reading the word, intranet, causes many people to shudder uncontrollably.  The mere thought of trying to wade through that archaic system, just to find benefits information, is enough to make people ill.
Responsive web design, responsive design, mobile responsive design
As growth in mobile commerce and content consumption increases, it has become imperative for businesses to have a mobile strategy in place in order to interact with their end users across all devices and platforms. If you're thinking about responsive web design or mobile responsive design here are some things to keep in mind.
mobile marketing, mobile framework, mobile experience
The key to creating successful mobile experience is empathy. You put yourself in the user’s shoes and try to really understand their needs and wants. An easy shorthand is to factor these wants and needs based on the questions familiar to journalism students: who, what, why, when, where, and how.