CopyPaste - Issue #8

Posted By Brent Arnold In Inspiration 02/6/2015

It’s too early to tell if Microsoft’s surprise release Hololens will catch on (I hope it does). But the product design is very nice.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have pretty bad awful handwriting. Maybe I should turn to a handwriting robot?

Our interns rock! Especially when they write articles about the state of Cryptocurrency in 2015.

I’m on the fence with this Taylor Swift/Nine Inch Nails mashup. But the chorus got me.


I sometimes get the equivalent of a design “earworm” (I never really liked that term btw). The past couple of days I’ve had The Gaurdian’s “parallax escalator” ad unit in my head.

"I just saw your movie and it’s very philosophical." Philip Glass to score forthcoming Fantastic Four film.

We try to perform User Testing whenever possible, as it can lead to great results like this.

Another important design powerhouse, Jeffery Veen, leaves his company (TypeKit/Adobe) to join a VC.

Something to make you smile while you eat lunch at your desk: Zach King’s best vines of 2014.

John Gruber on Apple’s incredible earnings and why Design can matter in the mass market.

My vote is to end the week on this.

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