CopyPaste - Issue #20

Posted By Brent Arnold In Inspiration 08/20/2015

This issue (number 20!) will hopefully leave you a bit braver…Watch this man walk on a slack line across a 210-foot gap, almost 1000 feet in the air, without any ropes or safety harnesses.

How much do Designers’ phone screen say about them? Thanks Rick!

Nick Dazé (@nickdaze) hits on great methodology for Building Creative Teams without Your Gut.

Maps. Maps! Maps!!!

Looks like a helpful user persona generator.

Who doesn’t like watching a robot walking in a forest?

Nick Parish (@paryshnikov) has a bit of meta tomfoolery with his talk on “invisible design”.

Some hometown pride. Explore the surreal in Rochester, NY with WALL/THERAPY 2015.

Dizzying but cool.

A very relevant article on "How to E-Mail a busy person" by Tobias van Schneider (@schneidertobias).

Drone Racing has its first champion.

We’ve come a long way from upside down triangles and black dots in 40 years since weather symbols were introduced.

One more Rochester-based story: The Kodak employee who invented the digital camera and how his bosses made him hide it.

The Secret Life of the Starbucks Siren.

Need a present for a four-legged friend? I helped design a Dog Biscuit Cookbook for a great animal advocacy organization. Get delicious recipes for your furry friend now!   

Let’s wrap it up with some good old lip syncing.

*Brent Arnold is the Creative Director at DOOR3. What inspires you? Share below.

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