CopyPaste - Issue #16

Posted By Brent Arnold In Inspiration 05/29/2015

Maybe I will start having themes to CopyPaste. If so this week’s theme would be fonts. And we can start it off with Type to Design, a font generated from Instagram.

Love this live stream of walruses on Round Island.

The Kindle gets left justification (finally) and a new custom font called Bookerly.

Dior and I. Kottke is right about this, “you don't have to know or care about the fashion industry to get something out of watching a group of people accomplish something creative, difficult, and political under extreme time constraints”.

We’re getting ready for Summer here in New York and HOTTEA’s Technicolor Swimming Pool looks awesome.

Hello Makerbooker. A hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives.

A beautiful and interactive graphical story of escaping after the Vietnam War.

An interesting idea for using the Apple ecosystem Redefining Time Management.

Fontstand is a Mac OS X app that allows you to try fonts for free or rent them.

20 years of MoMA on the web. Rad!

Why this designer doesn’t use the font Helvetica.

*Brent Arnold is the Creative Director at DOOR3. What inspires you? Share below.

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